The Company

Since 1986, managed by the same team, Vertech continues to grow and look to the future with optimism. The company is still at the forefront of the industry. Originally a local SME, Vertech has become, over time, a major firm whose activities extend far across Canada and America. Recognized for its flexibility, Vertech has earned the loyalty of customers whose specific needs require know-how and skills that go hand in hand.

At the same time, the implementation of the factory’s Surface System, the development and marketing of new windows, doors, structural curtain walls and others have contributed to the reputation of the company. Today, this translates into the ability to offer a complete range of innovative products meeting current and future needs of a growing and ever-changing clientele.

Over the years, Vertech has built a reliable aluminum supplier network, enabling it to affirm itself as an authority in the manufacturing of architectural and structural aluminum products. The established relationship of trust with industry professionals – engineering consulting firms, recognized architectural firms and general contractors – has allowed the company to achieve its enviable growth.

Whether it’s aluminum itself, anodizing it or components that complement structural elements, Vertech has the support of its supplier network to quickly and efficiently meet the stated requirements and often, in a very short time. With access to a wide range of hardware products, Vertech can offer a number of variations that can meet the majority of requirements.

Our Factory

Vertech’s workshops are worthy of mention. The factory has an area of more than 60,000 square feet, of which some 15,000 square feet are allocated to warehousing. Vertech is able to quickly accommodate each order submitted. Due to its Surface System, the manufacturing area divided into cells allows fast and efficient order fulfillment. By grouping the various manufacturing stages of a product in a common area, Vertech is able to better monitor the manufacturing cycles and reduce waiting times which often cause serious delays in execution of the contractors’ installation.

Since 2008, our factory is equipped with a testing laboratory allowing our Research and Development Department to bring improvements to our entire product range and test all your specific requests.

Our Personnel

Essential to the success of the company, Vertech’s professional and committed staff, both in the administrative offices and in the factory, is the company’s most valuable asset. Vertech’s team include experienced, dynamic, dedicated people gifted with particular attention to detail and rigorous high standards.

Our design teams and estimation experts see to every detail of your ideas and projects; they work together with manufacturing teams of certified technicians qualified to meet recognized industry standards in order to ensure compliance with all your requirements.

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