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VERTECH has become, over time, a major firm whose activities extend far across Canada and America.

Since 1986, managed by the same team, Vertech continues to grow and look to the future with optimism. The company is still at the forefront of the industry. Originally a local SME, Vertech has become, over time, a major firm whose activities extend far across Canada and America. Recognized for its flexibility, Vertech has earned the loyalty of customers whose specific needs require know-how and skills that go hand in hand.

At the same time, the implementation of the factory’s Surface System, the development and marketing of new windows, doors, structural curtain walls and others have contributed to the reputation of the company. Today, this translates into the ability to offer a complete range of innovative products meeting current and future needs of a growing and ever-changing clientele.

Vertech aluminium architectural
Vertech FoGo aluminium architectural
A Company you Trust

Our commitment to our customers: professionalism and integrity on all fronts.

Our Performance and our Commitment to do better

In keeping with our philosophy of excellence and meeting our client’s highest expectations, our employees are all committed to the success of the company, for which they have developed an unparalleled pride.

Professional Rigour for 32 years

See why VERTECH’s products are synonymous with rigour for more than thirty years: expertise, innovation, quality, durability, performance and precision.

Our Products

Vertech cadres frames


VERTECH frames, always as popular and affordable, are easy and quick to install, whether for a storefront or private home, or simply to create interior divisions.

Vertech murs rideaux


The structural curtain walls, manufactured by VERTECH, have made its reputation with the quality of its profiles and performance of its thermal breaks.

Vertech portes doors


Whatever your needs for doors, sliding system or sliding, VERTECH has what you need!

Vertech Fenetres windows


Whether for residential, commercial or industrial use, this stylish aluminum window offers several opening systems.

Vertech lanterneaux verrieres skylights and solariums

Skylights and Solariums

For over 30 years, VERTECH has acquired a unique expertise, both aesthetic and functional, to create your customized solarium and skylights.


At Vertech, you have the choice of getting all our aluminum products as well as our parts for assembly at your factory.

You have a project

We can help you make the best choice in architectural aluminum building envelope.


Constantly on the lookout for the needs of the industry, Vertech is constantly developing new products and applications, whether a major change or small improvements to accommodate the client, Vertech offers the best range of structural aluminum products on the market.

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